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A short biography

I was born in San Diego, California, but my family moved out to the Boston area when I was only 2 weeks old. I grew up in Wellesley, and went to school in Pittsburgh at Carnegie Mellon University where I got a degree in Computer Science, with a double major in Logic & Computation. Since graduating in 1998, I've worked for Oracle Corporation.


I play as much soccer as I can manage without injuring myself.

I like movies, in particular film noir. Here's a graph.

I'm fond of gadgets and lately have gotten a bit into photography. I shoot with a Canon DSLR and have taken to geocoding my pictures, even when I don't have my GPS tracker with me.

I have casual interests in systems programming, computer security, networking and administration. I tend to put my skills to use with useless tasks, such as graphing the amount of email I've gotten over the years.

My resume (very outdated) is available as HTML or text. If you're a headhunter, note that I'm only interested in system-level programming in C or C++. I am not interested in Java or web programming. If this is what you're looking for, make me an offer I can't refuse.

Contact Information

Phone 781.744.0214
Jabber/XMPP/Google Chat

My PGP keys are available at either here or your local keyserver. Key fingerprints:
OpenPGP/GPG/v5+ DCAD 159D FA01 1C02 BCEE 9C75 AF05 EB25 FE24 73F5

Other email addresses I've used include ,,, griffon+@CMU.EDU,, and even the archaic If you are a former member of the Massachusetts-based Argus Computerized Exchange you might even remember


helen andrew john rob emlyn zhiqi ekrem


http-ssh-tunnel Tunnel ssh over https (perl)
Linux on the BP6 FAQ about dealing with the BP6 under Linux
Linux Tivo Extraction Outdated guide to extracting video from Series-1 Tivos Under Linux

Chris Chiappa